Revise, Refresh and Reconnect Sessions
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Revise, Refresh and Reconnect Sessions

Sometimes, someone who has had Attunements for either Reiki l or Reiki ll, comes to me saying that he or she has lost their connection. They may feel this because they have not used Reiki for a long time, or because they feel inconfident about their abilities.

At this point, I am often asked to carry out a re-attunement.

I have re-attuned both Reiki l and Reiki ll students. In my experience, however, it is often unnecessary for someone to be re-attuned. Usually all that is needed is for them to take an hour or two to revise what they were taught, to refresh their memories and knowledge and therefore reconnect with the Reiki Energy.

I am happy to offer such sessions, which are intuitive, practical and supportive. We will examine your teachings, how you were attuned and how you give a Reiki Healing.

Having tried this, if you still feel that you need to be re-attuned, and you would like to work with me, I will be happy to do this.