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What is Universal Energy?

Universal Energy is that energy which is of the highest and most pure vibration. It is all around us, giving us life and vitality. It is an abundant and constant source of energy that exists to support us and help us along our spiritual – as well as our daily life path. It is accessible at all times and we only have to ask for it, whenever we need help or guidance and we will receive whatever we require.


What is Energy Healing?

During an Energy Healing session, the channel for the energy (also sometimes known as the healer) will tune into the Universal Energy and direct it into the aura or physical body of the client. This will provide an opportunity for the energy field of the client to be rebalanced and for a progression to be made.


Is Energy Healing suitable for me?

One of the most wonderful things about Energy Healing is that it can be received by anyone in one way or another. It is non-invasive, gentle and has few, if any, contraindications. It can be channelled to you in person, or if appropriate, by absent or distant healing methods.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing with its roots in ancient Tibet. It was rediscovered, at the end of the nineteenth century by Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk. It was Usui who named it ‘Rei-ki’ – meaning ‘Universal Life Force’. Reiki is not faith healing – you need no specific beliefs for it to be effective, nor is it psychic healing but it can be very intuitive.

Reiki is an automatic flow of universal energy, through the hands of the practitioner to the object of the healing. It works for the highest good of the client on all levels of his or her being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


What is Spiritual Healing?

The tradition of Spiritual Healing is ancient and mention of it is made in very many religious and cultural writings. It does not require any specific beliefs for it to be effective. At the beginning of the session, the healer connects to the energies of the earth, the heart and the divine light to channel universal energy to the client. A connection is also made with the Higher Self of the client in order to ask permission for the healing session to take place. This ensures that the healing is given in the most appropriate way for the highest good of the client.

What are the differences between Reiki and Spiritual Healing?

There are many similarities between Reiki and Spiritual Healing. This is because both Spiritual Healing and Reiki originate from the same place - the energy of Source.  In both traditions, the healer will connect to and channel the Universal Energy.  There are many other similarities of sensation and the way in which insight is received and the energy is focused.

Any differences may be found in the vibration of the energy channeled. It is important to stress here that this does not mean that either energy is better or worse than the other – they are just sometimes perceived as different.

The client will be drawn to either Spiritual Healing or to Reiki depending on which energetic vibration is most suitable for them at the time.

Training given to a student Reiki Healer is different to that given to a Spiritual Healer.


What happens during a session?

On arrival, if it is your first visit you will be told how the healing will take place and what you may experience.  This will apply whether you have come for Reiki or Spiritual Healing.

You will then be asked to either sit in a chair or lie on a treatment couch. You will remain fully clothed throughout, removing only for example shoes, spectacles or jackets as necessary.

I am guided by Spirit in the way I work and, with your permission, this may involve working ‘hands off’ in the auric field, ‘hands on’ – touching the body, or a combination of both.

Depending upon what the issue is, I may be guided to speak and channel insight to you whilst working ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’ in the energy field. You may also be asked to speak and participate, but only if you have agreed to do so before the session begins.


What will I feel during a session?

I cannot say precisely, or give any guarantees as to what you will feel, as each experience is unique.   This is true for Reiki and Spiritual healing. However, you may feel heat, tingling, a gentle breeze, warmth or any combination of these. You may be given symbols or pictures or you may hear words or sounds. Sometimes clients experience a sense of energy moving within their body, and it is not unusual for there to be an emotional release of some sort. Often clients become deeply relaxed during the session as the healing energy facilitates a ‘letting go’ of tensions and worries. Equally you may feel nothing at all, as sensation is not an indication of the healing having taken place.


How will I feel after a session?

Again it is impossible to say exactly how you will feel as it depends on what happened during the session, but it is not unusual for clients to report feeling relaxed, uplifted and positive. Clients may also leave with an enhanced sense of well-being and a new insight into the issues they are working with.


How often can I have a session?

You are not restricted to a particular number of treatments – it depends very much on your circumstances and the therapy you are interested in.

Please contact me for further details.



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What about Distant or Absent Healing?

I am very happy to offer Distant or Absent Healing using either Reiki or Spiritual Healing traditions.   This is an effective, profound method of healing and receiving insight and can prove to be more flexible and accessible.

Please visit the Distant Healing page for details.


How can I train to be a Reiki Practitioner?

Please visit the Training page of this website for information and contact me to book an appointment or to discuss your requirements in further detail.


How can I train to be a Spiritual Healer?

For recommendations of excellent and comprehensive courses, please visit the Training page of this website.


How do I book an appointment?

Please email me at: julia@juliashepherd.co.uk and I will reply as quickly as is possible.