Reiki I

Reiki I

Having found a suitable Master, the first step to becoming either a Reiki Practitioner or eventually even a Reiki Master, is to take the Level l Attunement.

During three sessions, you will be aligned with the Reiki Energy which you will then be able to use straight away. This is most useful for self-healing or for practising on family and close friends.

The tradition of my lineage teaches that each of the three sessions should be at least 12 hours apart, but not more than 48 hours apart. This means they should take place on consecutive or alternate days in a five-day period, for example –

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, or
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or
  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday etc.

I am able to offer some weekend attunements if required.

The length of sessions is as follows:

  • Day One lasts about 2.5 hours
  • Day Two lasts about 2 hours
  • Day Three lasts about 3 hours.

All timings are approximate and might vary depending on your requirements and experience.

The teachings include:

  • The telling of the Reiki Story, focussing on the lives and work of Usui, Hayashi and Takata
  • Four Attunements – one on Day 1, 1 on Day 2 and two on Day 3
  • The Reiki Hand Placements – for use in self-healing and for working on a person lying on a treatment couch or sitting on a chair
  • A fundamental explanation of the human energy field including chakras and how this relates to Reiki
  • A fundamental guide to grounding and meditation/visualisation
  • Professionalism when working with someone else
  • Good energetic habits to become familiar with
  • Intuition
  • Any questions will be answered as we go through the sessions

It is suggested that in accordance with the requirements of The Reiki Federation, you carry out daily self-healing sessions for at least a month. Each session need only last 10-15 minutes however.

If you are able, it is also suggested that you undertake some case study work on a family member of a friend. Students find these very beneficial and are usually keen to practice as soon as the attunements are underway.

It is stressed though that as this course is independent of the Reiki Federation, there is no obligation to do any ‘homework’.