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Starting Out

I have always been sensitive. As a child, I would continually tell myself ‘I must not be so sensitive’ as I felt what others were feeling and would take this to heart.

It was not until I was in my twenties, that I saw my sensitivity as an asset rather than a hindrance. I began reading ‘spiritual’ books and consulted psychics and mediums. It felt very natural to me and I realised that I wanted to further my understanding of all things ‘energetic’.

In the years between then and now, much has happened. I lived in Singapore for four years and travelled a lot. A Londoner by birth, I came home in 1994 and began working in an office and living the ‘9-5’ life.

But I continued with my interests and studied in my spare time. I focussed initially on working towards an aromatherapy and massage diploma, at a school in Harley Street, London, which I achieved in 1999.

A ‘Significant Event’

I find it helpful and enlightening sometimes, to look back on my life. This process of self-reflection helps me to realise how certain events – even specific moments, have altered my life and brought me to where I am now.

I believe it’s the same for us all.

One such life-changing event happened to me in 1995. I was introduced to The College of Psychic Studies (CPS), in South Kensington, London.

This wonderful institution, one of the most prestigious of its kind in the country, certainly Europe, perhaps even the world, welcomed me in. I felt as if I was coming home.

I studied there for four years, becoming an Accredited Healer in 1999, one of the first students to become accredited.

In 2003, I was asked to be a tutor, examiner and supervisor on the College’s Healing Course. This is a position I have been privileged to hold ever since.

Two years ago, I introduced Reiki training to the College, as an optional extra for the healing students on the College's Integrated Healing Diploma Course. It is the first time Reiki has been taught there.  I feel very grateful to have brought Reiki to The College of Psychic Studies.

And wonderfully, even after all this time, at The College every time I step through the front door I still feel as if I am ‘coming home’.

And another ‘Significant Event’

I was fortunate to meet many like-minded people at the College, one of whom was Claire Montanaro. www.inluminoglobal.com Claire is a psychic and specialises in channelling The Masters of Light.  She is also a Reiki Master. I was drawn to her as soon as I met her and in 2002 I asked to study Reiki with her.

Claire agreed to work with me and over the next three years, I was attuned to all three levels of Reiki, becoming a Master/Teacher in 2005.

My lineage from the first Reiki Grand Master, Mikao Usui is very strong and as a result of this, I feel very confident about the teachings I pass on to students.

Then, from The College, came a new opportunity

Another important event began to unfold when I met Sue Allen at The College. Sue had been a fellow student on the healing course and like me, had been invited to be a tutor.

In 2010, Sue founded The School of Intuition and Healing.  She asked me to join The School as a tutor, examiner and supervisor on her healing course.  I worked with Sue until the end of 2019,  The School is now closed in the UK.

And now?

I moved from London to Emsworth in 2013 and then to central Chichester in 2019.

As well as working in London, I work in the Chichester area, offering distant healing sessions and running workshops on Zoom and in-person.

You can be assured of my professional, ethical approach in all matters relating to your consultation. Added to this, I bring a wealth of experience as a healer, teacher and mentor to each and every session.

If you are interested or curious,

Please do not hesitate to follow this link and Contact Me for further information, to ask questions or book an appointment.

Thank you.

My qualifications

Reiki Master/Teacher

Healer Member of the College of Psychic Studies

Listening Skills Teacher – CPCAB

Stress Management Practitioner – Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Diploma in Aromatherapy – Institute of Complementary Medicine

PTTLLS – Preparing to Teach in the Life Long Learning Sector – Stage 1 (a nationally-recognised ‘how to teach adults’ qualification) – City Lit, London

Certificate in Working With Those Who Are Dying

Certificate in Sound Healing