Arranging Sessions and Fees
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Arranging Sessions and Fees

All Reiki Training and Revise, Refresh and Reconnect Sessions take place In-person.


Fees for Attunements:

Level One - £170.00

Level Two - £350.00

Mastership - £650.00

Fees for Revise, Refresh and Reconnect Sessions:

A One-hour session - £60.00

A Two-hour session - £100.00


How do I arrange to have my attunements or a revision session?

If this interests you please follow the link and contact me for further details.

Revise, Refresh and Reconnect Sessions:

These can be arranged in the same way as therapy appointments.

Reiki Attunements:

I do not work to a set timetable, preferring to wait until the student appears. We then arrange the training times together, taking into account our mutual availability – this works very well!

I am happy to work on a one-to-one basis, in pairs, or small groups up to a maximum of four participants.

By keeping the group small, enables each student to receive a high degree of attention and focus from me. It also means each student is attuned privately and individually – something that I feel is very important for a wonderful, personal and even sacred experience