One-to-one Spiritual Mentoring Sessions
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One-to-one Spiritual Mentoring Sessions


New for 2022

I am delighted to now be offering one-to-one, personal mentoring sessions.  During these sessions, you will be able to draw upon my experience as both a healer and a teacher in a private and confidential session, specifically dedicated to your needs at the time.

 You can use the session to discuss whatever you wish.

The sessions will usually take place on Zoom or WhatsApp.  Please contact me for options.

Why might I wish to book a One-to-One Spiritual Mentoring Session?

You may be drawn to booking a session for many reasons. 

For example:

  • You may wish to ask about challenges you are having in your own healing practice.
  • You may wish to learn about a specific subject eg chakras, grounding etc
  • You may wish to enhance your general knowledge about all things spiritual
  • You may wish to have advice and suggestions as to how to progress along your path
  • You may wish to learn more about a specific healing technique
  • You may wish to discuss your own insights and need support in clarifying your understanding
  • You may feel uncomfortable discussing the subject in a group setting - or feel it's inappropriate to do so.

Please contact me if you feel this would be helpful to you.


For a one-hour session:  £60.00