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Should you wish to progress to the level of Reiki Master, you should usually spend three years at Practitioner Level, gaining experience of client and energy work.

For the Mastership level, you will receive one more Attunement which links you to the Master Energy of the Reiki Channel.

The remainder of the course will be devoted to teaching you how to teach Reiki Levels l and ll. This is not just a case of being able to give the Attunements yourself, but also how to engage with your students and be confident enough to face any questions that might be asked or comments given.

This course provides a thorough grounding in how one might approach a class of Reiki students and successfully work with them.

Depending on your level of experience with teaching and with energy work, Mastership training takes up to 12 hours, taught over three sessions.

In the tradition of my lineage, after this Attunement, you can call yourself a Reiki Master/Teacher – as you are both a Master and a Teacher of Reiki.


What about making a Reiki Master?

After three years as a Reiki Master, teaching Levels l and ll, you will be given another symbol and instruction to enable you to attune someone to the level of Reiki Master. This process is very simple, but of course profound. We can arrange to do this as and when the timing is right.