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Spiritual Healing

Pink lotus flower, sparkles and a pile of stones Julia Shepherd

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual Healing is a type of energy healing.  I like to cal it 'spiritual' because it is heart-centred and therefore, I feel it has the ability to hold an energy of the highest vibration for the highest good of all.

It is loving, pure and yet very grounded.  It originates from a place above and beyond the concerns and limitations of the everyday and works with the intention to touch the highest aspects of the recipient.

Spiritual healing is rooted deeply in our shared history and mention of it is made in very many religious and cultural writings. It does not however require specific beliefs for it to be effective, nor does it link itself to any one religious or cultural tradition, rather embracing all and reaching beyond any set doctrines.

Indeed, as a method of energy healing, it crosses the man-made divides of race, religion and culture and is available for all who seek it.

Spiritual Healing and all technique used within the healing, can be received 'in person' or by Distant Healing.  Please read the Distant Healing page for more details.

During these challenging times, I have developed ways of working with Zoom and WhatsApp to deliver healing sessions that use visual contact and Distant Healing.  Please contact me for further details.

What is significant about this method of healing?

There are many ways of working with healing energy, but the tradition of spiritual healing within which I work, involves me connecting to the energies of the earth, heart and divine light, in order to become a channel for these energies.  This is the case whether you are receiving 'in person' or via Distant Healing.

The significance of using these three energies means the healing energy that is channelled is grounded (from the earth energy), of a high vibration (from the divine light) and unconditionally loving (from the heart).

The combination of these three energies means the healing is given for the highest good, is loving and, being grounded, is safe and balanced.

What will happen in a healing session?

For an 'in person' appointment, when you arrive, we will have a chat about why you have come for healing. If it is your first visit, you will be asked to fill in a Client Details form.

You will then be asked if you wish to have healing on the couch or on a chair.   You will remain fully-clothed throughout.

I will then settle you down and make my connection to the energies of the earth, heart and divine light.  Once a connection has been made, using my hands, I will direct these energies into your aura, with the intention of working for your highest good, whatever that might be.  IF I have gained your prior permission to do so, I may touch you lightly on your body.

I will work intuitively, being guided by the sensations in your aura.  There will most likely be a lot of focus on your chakra system which can be a great source of insight and inspiration.

Whilst receiving healing, you may feel a change in temperature, a tingling sensation, a feeling of relaxation or emotional release. These are often indicators that the energy transfer is taking place.

Equally, you may feel nothing at all during the treatment yet feel later on, that a healing has taken place. Sensation therefore, is not a measure of effectiveness of the healing energy.

At the end of the session, I will gently bring your awareness back to the present moment, usually by guiding you through a visualisation, which you only have to listen to.

You will then be asked to become aware of your physical body and have a stretch, to check you are fully awake and present.

We will then have a chat about what you sensed and about any insights we may have been made aware of whilst working with the healing energy.

Specific healing techniques can also be used.

Various other techniques may be used to facilitate the healing process during the session, whether 'in person' or via Distant Healing.  These could include the use of colour, meditation and visualisation.

If you have asked for healing, again 'in person' or via Distant Healing, for a specific reason, we may use other more intensive techniques.

I am experienced in working in many ways including the following;

  • The healing and dissolving of energetic or psychic ties
  • Inner Child healing
  • Past Life healing
  • Spiritual Timeline healing
  • Ancestral healing

If we do use these techniques, you may be asked to participate in the healing in a proactive way, eg speaking and visualising.  There will be time for you to relax and simply receive healing after the technique has been used.

Each healing is unique and is tailored to your specific needs at that particular time and only with your complete agreement.

What Does It Cost? From 1 January 2022

One-Hour Session 'in person' - £60.00

Please contact me for further details or to book an appointment.