Little Sparks of Light and Joy
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Little Sparks of Light and Joy

Little Sparks of Light and Joy

Life can be very overwhelming at times.  This is especially true at the moment given all the challenges we are faced with. 

By taking out attention to the little sparks of light and joy in life, we can often overcome the sense of overwhelm and bring ourselves into a place of balance and calm.  This in itself can help us to deal with the 'bigger' issues with greater ease and success.

These little sparks of light and joy may be very small indeed.  They may be so small that they often go unnoticed within the miasma of overwhelming issues that take our attention.  This means that we often feel we have no sparks of light or joy in our life, just overwhelming challenges which can drag us down.

If for a moment, for a brief amount of time, we can look for the little spark of light or joy in our life, this can have a profound affect on our wellbeing.  And we do not have to 'be' or 'do' anything else.  We can simply look for what is already there and allow it to come into our awareness. 

This  is important as very often, when we are overwhelmed or low in mood, the thought of having to do something else or think in a new way, is too much to deal with.  By focussing on what is already in our life, the process of drawing forward the joy and the light is perhaps easier.

If you wish to try this, take your attention to a moment when you may have made a difference to someone's day.  It does not have to be a big thing, for we are looking at the little sparks here. 

For example, you may have let someone go in front of you in the queue at the supermarket.  Then, consider that although this action may have made little difference to your day, but may have had a big effect on theirs. The person may have felt valued, they may have felt as if they mattered, they may have felt 'seen' in the world.  Your simple gesture which you did easily, perhaps without thinking; may have meant they were on time for an appointment.  The possibilities are endless.

Focussing on the energy of the little action, noting how it may have helped that person, allow the light and spark, allow the joy to emerge. Consider, how did you feel when you allowed this person to go ahead of you in the queue?  How did this affect your mood, your sense of self?  Perhaps you did this when you were feeling vulnerable, but you still did it.  

Notice how you feel now about that little deed.  Feel it's power and how it might help you feel useful, worthy, valuable, confident and capable.

Allow that little spark of light and joy to settle into your energy and perhaps shift your mood from one of overwhelm to one of confidence and capability.

Never underestimate the power of the little things - the simplest of actions, the small decisions.  They carry equal energy and can affect us as much as the so-called 'bigger' actions, reactions and decisions. 

It really is the little things that count. So when you notice these little sparks of light and joy that you have brought to the world, they emerge into your awareness and can illuminate your life like stars, scattered throughout the night sky.

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