Wesak Full Moon
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Wesak Full Moon

Wesak Full Moon

Full Moon in Taurus – The Wesak Ceremony.

The full moon in Taurus which occurs this year on 7th May is always a special event in the spiritual calendar. The Received Wisdom from the followers of esoteric traditions states that on this day, at the precise moment of the full moon The Lord Buddha himself travels through dimensions and through time, to come to bless the earth in a ceremony which is said to take place in the foothills of the Himalayas in Tibet. This is called the ceremony of Wesak.

This blessing is an act of great service on the part of Lord Buddha and it witnessed, it is said by all those who follow the spiritual path, not only in the Buddhist way, but in all traditions.

The interesting fact about this ceremony is that around the time of the full moon, many of those who are spiritually-minded are reported to dream about taking part in the Wesak Ceremony. Some are aware of the synchronicity, some not.

Whether you dream of the ceremony or not, the Wesak full moon is often one of significance and shift. Given our extraordinary times, I suggest that this year, at this time, this Wesak Full Moon has even more gravitas, more power and more significance. Every insight will be more focused and more poignant because of what we are experiencing.

Here is a visualisation for the Wesak Ceremony.

Visualise yourself in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet. You are entering a fertile valley protected by the loving, guardian mountains. Take a moment to look around at the surrounding mountains and beautiful vegetation. Notice the clear air and scent of the world in its purest state.

At one end of the valley, there is a large, flat rock. On the rock is a crystal bowl full of water from the mountains.

You begin to notice that you are not alone. Many others are filling the valley and with each new arrival the sense of anticipation grows.

Every participant knows where they need to sit. This includes you. Notice where you sit. It is near the large, flat rock or is it at a distance? How do you feel about where you are sitting?

Notice who comes to sit close to you. They may well be members of your soul group or your spiritual ashram. Notice how you feel.

You realise that you are wearing special robes. What colour are they? What does the colour symbolise to you? Who else is wearing the same colour robes? Where are these people sitting in relation to you? How do you feel about these robes and who else is wearing the same as you?

As the time of the Wesak Full Moon approaches, the Masters and Lady Masters of Light assemble on the large, flat stone and encircle the crystal bowl of water. They being to chant and these chants are echoed by those watching, including you.

At the precise time of the Full Moon, a tiny speck is seen in the sky. This speck travels closer and closer until it can be seen to be the embodiment of Lord Buddha.

As the Lord Buddha materialises fully, The Masters, Lady Masters and assembled company bow to honour him. Notice how you feel at this point.

The Lord Buddha then blesses all who are gathered and this blessing travels like a wave through the valley and begins to build in strength – enhanced by the hearts and minds of all who are present. The wave of blessing then expands to touch all beyond the valley and the earth and all living things are touched by the energy of love.

The Lord Buddha then takes His leave and begins to travel back to the highest realms, his act of service complete for another year. Those present chant their gratitude to Him.

For a moment, you sit in the energy of the blessing. Your meditation is then broken by a fellow participant who offers you a sip of water from a small crystal bowl. This is water from the crystal bowl on the flat rock, imbued with energy of Lord Buddha’s blessing.

You gratefully take a sip and notice how you feel. You then pass the small bowl on to the person nearest to you. From whom do you receive the water? To whom do you pass the bowl of water?

You then rest in meditation and when you come to full awareness you see that the Masters and Lady Masters of Light are beckoning you to leave the valley. Notice which of them is most appealing to your soul. Which Master or Lady Master is this?

You leave the valley with a blessing this time from the Master or Lady Master who calls to your soul the most.

As you leave the valley, you find yourself entering your present-day life, a room perhaps where you are sitting for this meditation.

Acknowledging this space, you can either bring your full awareness back to the present moment, ensuring you are fully grounded, or you can ponder further on the questions below – or on questions of your own:

Given the increased sensitivity and awareness many are experiencing, perhaps you might wish to take time to consider what this blessing from Lord Buddha means to you on a personally? Maybe ponder on what this blessing is bringing to you at this time? What is it highlighting? What is it clearing? What is the greater shift that is said to be occurring at this time? Perhaps you can be reassured by this act of service from Lord Buddha? Perhaps you may find enlightenment from this blessing?

No matter what, perhaps you can allow the blessing from Lord Buddha to sustain, inform and support you as you move through your everyday life. It is a real gift to us all at this time.