Easter Full Moon
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Easter Full Moon

Easter Full Moon

The full moon in Aries on 8th April 2020, is a very special one.  It is the Easter Moon and is one of the three great spiritual festivals of the year.  This has fundamentally, nothing to do with Christianity however, although the story of Jesus is a reflection of the spiritual meaning.


The Easter Moon is linked strongly with the process of spiritual initiation.  As souls in human form, we are given the opportunity throughout our life, to take initiations which enlighten our souls.  These can be challenging on the human level, but serve to push us along our path at a pace we are able to deal with.


It is understood that these initiations often run concurrently through the timeline of our life and come to the fore at various times, to further challenge us and bring us deeper understanding of ourselves and our soul service.


So, for example you may be working on the aspects of the first three initiations at once.  This is especially likely as the first three initiations are to do with mastery over the physical, emotional and mental aspects.  Perhaps you feel that sometimes you are in loving control of these aspects of yourself, but your situation in life shifts and you need to ‘work’ on yourself again and to a higher level, to maintain that centred feeling and sense of mastery over the emotions and especially the mind.


The Easter Moon is linked to the fourth initiation.  It feels to me that every year, this initiation presents itself via the energy of this moon, encouraging me to relive the process, hopefully from a new perspective.


The fourth initiation is a very challenging one.  It is called the Crucifixion Initiation, so its link to the story of Jesus is obvious.  From a spiritual perspective that reaches beyond organised religion, it is the initiation of great shift.


The fourth initiation brings a sense that the rug has well and truly been pulled from under your feet.  Whilst going through this initiation, you may find that you lose all that is ‘normal’ and familiar.  Everything is taken from you.  I have heard of people losing jobs, homes and relationships at this time.  When it comes, it can be quite devastating.


From this place of loss however, a new energy is introduced and brought in to our lives.  The old is very much replaced by the new and that new is of a higher vibration.  This might take time to establish itself, but you will find yourself in a more healing, loving and light life having gone through this initiation.  Most people who have experienced the fourth initiation say that in spite of everything, they are glad they went through it.


The energy of the fourth initiation is ultimately therefore, one of renewal and rebirth, again echoing the story of Jesus and His death and resurrection.


The fourth initiation can arrive in your life and any time and, in my experience, many times.  Each time it brings a new lesson about renewal and rebirth and if you can trust this, you will be able to work through the initiation process much more easily.  It’s like peeling an onion, isn’t it?  We work through one layer and then, when the time is right, we peel off another layer of the same onion.


Remember, we are never asked to do more than what is possible.  We are always held in so much love by the Masters of Light, we cannot fall.


At this time of isolation, the rug has truly been pulled from under our collective feet.  We are facing the loss of so much on so many levels.  It feels as if we are undergoing a collective Fourth Initiation, which well may be the case.


Added to this, we are often still dealing with balancing and mastering our minds, emotions and bodies.  These three aspects will also have been challenged by the lock-down.  So we are working through four initiations at once.


When and if all seems lost, when and if all life seems to be bad news and ‘dark’, you may wish to consider that this might well be your Crucifixion Initiation.  Then, you may well be able to see things from a new perspective and take courage from this.


We are fortunate if we have some awareness of this.  Many do not, yet they will be feeling the effects of the process.  Compassion and kindness are key supports at this time.


Remember, a full moon is always a time of heightened emotion.  This Easter full moon is always powerful.  You may well be feeling its effects now.   Be gentle with yourself during the time of this full moon and the lock-down and love yourself.  You are working for the highest good in challenging times, in ways you may not be aware of.


I send my love and gratitude to you all for all you are doing.




Julia x