Gratitude and Blessings
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Gratitude and Blessings

Gratitude and Blessings

At this time of year, I feel quite introspective.  The dark days seem to focus my attention inwardly and I spend time pondering on my inner life and energy.

Given too that it's the end of the year, I feel drawn to taking stock and, hopefully without too much judgement  but with love and compassion, I review the year just past and attempt to make plans and set intentions for the incoming, new year.

One of the things I feel happy about - and relieved, is the way in which I have been prompted to be more grateful.  I have some very wise, loving and insightful friends, family and colleagues around me (for which I am grateful), who allow the gratitude energy to shine strongly in their own lives.  Over the past couple of years, with their support and my own focus, I feel I have anchored the gratitude energy more strongly in my life.  As a result, being grateful has become easier.

And I know this alters my energy and my mood...

Where I focused on the challenges and was sometimes overwhelmed by these, I now balance challenge with being grateful.  Yes, the challenges are still there, but seem less all-encompassing when sprinkled with a bit of 'blessing-counting'.  This raises my mood, my energy and I feel more able to face said challenges.  The healing maxim 'energy follows thought' holds true here.  If I think I am blessed and can name my blessings, then I am blessed and my energy shifts.

Keeping it simple

Anyone who has worked with me will know I like to keep things simple.  This is true with my gratitude practice.

I suggest you start small and simply notice when possible, all that you have in life to be grateful for.  It doesn't have to be a big thing, but it  often is. For example, being grateful for health, family, friends, home etc.   These things might appear to be 'normal' or so mundane you don't notice them.  But imagine being in the shoes of anyone who has experienced the loss of  these 'normal' things, then you will see how 'big' and important and special they are in life.  Then you can easily be grateful - every time you think of your 'normal' life.

You can also be grateful for any small thing, for example, having enough milk for that much-needed cuppa or unexpectedly finding £5 in your 'other handbag'.  If you notice everything for which you are grateful, then the gratitude energy builds and it builds quickly.

Each and every thing for which you are grateful is revealed as a blessing in your life.

You build the gratitude muscle..

You become stronger and the gratitude habit - the gratitude muscle kicks in automatically.  It's amazing and can be transformational.  Why not try it?

Perfect timing...

I started my gratitude practice at this time of year.  A lovely lady, the mother of a dear friend of mine, gave me a diary.  I had already bought and used my diary for that coming year so I had to think of how I would use this one.

I began a Gratitude Diary...

Every day, just before I went to bed, I wrote at least 3 things for which I was grateful that day in the diary.  Some days I struggled to think of three things, but some days I needed to go into the 'notes' section as I had so much to be grateful for.  I wrote anything and everything that came to mind.  I was astonished.  It all just flowed.  It was overall, extremely easy to do.

And now...

It feels that I am in the habit of being grateful.  The challenges remain and some days I feel more grateful than others, but gratitude is an established part  of my life.

If I can do it, you can.

Of this, I have no doubt.  Notice your blessings and say 'thank you' for them.  Then notice how you spread this wonderful energy within your life and within the lives of those you meet.

Thank you for reading this.  I am grateful.