Visualisations for Self-Healing
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Visualisations for Self-Healing


Visualisations are a wonderful way of self-healing.

When we visualise, we engage our imagination and then our intuition is allowed to emerge.  We can then access a deeper understanding of our situation and perhaps some insight into the questions we seek answers for.

Visualisation uses symbols, colour, pictures and other imagery.  It is a very creative process, which in itself can be very rewarding and open up many hidden aspects of the self.

It is a gentle way of accessing and exploring issues which may have otherwise been inaccessible.

I have a number of guided visualisations available to buy in CD form or electronically.  Please have a look at my Shop page.


Personalised Channelled Visualisations

I offer personalised, intuitively-channelled visualisations which are created especially for you and sent to you via email.

Each visualisation will be tailored to your requirements and include issues and situations you wish to focus on.

The intention for each visualisation is to create a sacred, private sanctuary for you,  where you can explore your situation, rest, clear your mind and take steps towards deeper self-awareness, inner peace and self-healing.

With this written visualisation, you can revisit the sanctuary at any time.


 What Do I Have To Do To Receive My Personalised Visualisation?

I require you to email me to give me permission to work with you, energetically.

I will then ask you to tell me what you wish to focus on in the visualisation.  You can be as specific or as brief as you wish.

I would then like to know whether you have any favourite natural surroundings, eg a garden, a beach, a mountain range, etc.  This may provide a backdrop for your sanctuary - but please note, this cannot be guaranteed as I am guided by the healing energy at the time.

You then simply sit back and wait for the email with the script to arrive.


How Do I Use The Script?

You can sit in a quiet place and read the script whenever you wish.   Take time to pause where indicated.  Go with your intuition when pacing yourself and revisiting parts of the script.

You may wish to record it on your phone. This may be a powerful thing to do, as you will literally be telling yourself how to visualise and heal, guiding yourself.

Each time you read the script, you may find you focus on it in a different way, allowing for a wide-ranging exploration.

The suggestion is that you write notes about your experiences and reflect on them for further insight.


What Does It Cost?

£30.00 for one visualisation.